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China: China is a large country with different climatic conditions. However, on an average China is cold and dry in winters, and hot and humid during the summers. Honk Kong has a subtropical climate and temperature throughout the year is around 73oF.

Japan: Japan has a temperate climate and four distinct seasons. Winters are cool in the south and cold in the North. Hokkaido is the coldest place with snowfalls up to four months a year. Summers are hot and spring is mild throughout the country.

India: India has three seasons winters, summer, and rain. Winters are cool and comfortable while summers are hot and humid. The hills are best destinations during summers. Monsoon breaks around the month of June.

Cambodia: Cambodia has three major seasons. November to march is dry and pleasant. March to June is hot and May to October is rainy.

Languages Spoken
China: Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and a variety of local dialects

Japan: Japanese, English

India: Hindi, English and regional languages

Cambodia: Khmer

Passport and Visa Requirements
China: Passport and visa required

Japan: Passport and return ticket required. Visa not required for stays up to 90 days.

India: Passport and visa required

Cambodia: Passport and visa required

China: Yuan

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Dollar

Japan: Yen

India: Rupee

Cambodia: Riel

China: Cultural differences should be kept in mind once you are in China. Feel free to ask questions while traveling. Handshaking is a common gesture of greeting; however, applause is common when greeting a group. Avoid expressing your views on politics and similar sensitive issues. Conservative dressing is appreciated everywhere.

Japan: Japanese people are proud of their high tradition and values. Bowing is the customary form of greeting but handshake is also used. Japanese are renowned for helping tourists. Removing shoes is customary while entering a Japanese house as is observing table manners while dining. Casual dressing is accepted everywhere unless mentioned.

India: India can be a real experience because of the contrast you can find there. Handshaking is the common and so is the ‘namaskar.’ Remove your shoes while entering temples. However, there are no restrictions on dressing, revealing clothes may lead to trouble in some parts of the country.

Cambodia: Avoid expressing your views on politics and sensitive matters. Pointing your foot at a person or touching someone on the head is not advisable. Women are advised to wear long clothes that cover the full body.

China: China has a mixed network of roads connecting towns and cities. China being a huge country distance covered is large. Get your car checked before departure as mechanical help may be absent in deep interiors of the country.

Japan: The unfamiliar language makes it difficult of westerners to drive in Japan. Traffic drives on the left and roads are often congested. An international driving license is required for driving in Japan.

India: Traffic in India drives on the left. India has an extensive network of bus and railways that connects almost all major towns and cities. The hills have a commendable network of buses.

Cambodia: Traffic drives on the right and driving can be quite a bumpy experience. However, Cambodia has a road network that connects almost all major cities and towns. Obtaining reliable information about security is advisable before considering extensive road journeys.
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