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Latin America Travel Tips

Bahamas: The islands have a pleasant weather throughout the year. Blowing trade winds make it a comfortable place in the tropics. Temperatures range between 60oF and 90 oF all throughout the year. Rainy season starts from May to November with short heavy showers with occasional lingering rainfall.

Bermuda: Bermuda has a mild and aggregate climate affected by the warm Gulf Stream. Annual temperature ranges between 75 oF and 68 oF. Humidity is high and rain is common throughout the year.

Jamaica: Jamaica has a typical maritime climate without yearly fluctuations except for the rainy season (May to December). Hurricanes are expected between June to November.

Brazil: Weather in Brazil lies between temperate and hot. Rain is common and so is high humidity.

Peru: The coast and the slopes of Peru lying on the western slopes of the Andes are dry and summer falls between December and April. Weather on the Andean highlands is a bit different with dry season starting from May to September.

Argentina: Most parts of Argentina have a temperate climate. Southeast Argentina is arid while southwest is sub-Antarctic.

Languages Spoken
Bahamas: English

Bermuda: English, Portuguese

Jamaica: English, Patois

Brazil: Portuguese, English

Peru: Peru, English

Argentina: Spanish, English

Passport and Visa Requirements
Bahamas: Passport is required. In case your passport has expired, it is accepted in the Bahamas but before 5 years of expiry. A return journey ticket is required for stay of up to 8 months.

Bermuda: Visas are not required for citizens of the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Western European countries.

Jamaica: Passport or original birth certificate and a valid driver’s license, proof of sufficient funds, and onward or return journey ticket is required.

Brazil: Passport and visa is compulsory to enter Brazil.

Peru: Passport is required. Visa is necessary only for tourists planning to stay over 3 months.

Argentina: Passport is required. Visa is necessary only for tourists planning to stay over 3 months.

Bahamas: Bahamian Dollar

Bermuda: Bermudian Dollars

Brazil: Real

Argentina: Pesa

Bahamas: Bahamas lead a leisurely life. Informal wear is widely acceptable in hotels and resort. However, some degree of dressing is required when you are dining, dancing, or at the casinos.

Bermuda: Bermuda has a lingering British culture. Politely greeting people on the street is a custom. Casual wear is accepted in most places though beachwear is confined only to the beaches. Restaurants and hotels require formal dressing though.

Jamaica: Tourism is a major industry in Jamaica and tourists are well cared throughout the island. Handshaking is a customary greeting. Casual wear is widely acceptable though some dressing up is required in restaurants, hotels, and casinos especially in the evening.

Brazil: A European culture is prevalent in Brazil. A handshake is customary on greeting and before taking a leave. Casual wear is acceptable throughout the country. Some occasions may require formal clothing but that is indicated on invitation.

Peru: Normal courtesies and an information atmosphere is the nature of Peru. Handshaking is the normal form of greeting. Dressing is informal unless otherwise mentioned.

Argentina: Kissing on the cheeks is a usual form of greeting in Argentina. It is customary to take a homemade dish or dessert of invited for a dinner. Casual discussion on Falkland or the Malvinas war should be avoided. Dressing is not formal however; beachwear is confined only to the beaches. Formal wear required in restaurants, hotels is indicated on invitation.

Bahamas: Road conditions are moderate, especially around the tourist spots. Traffic drives on the left

Jamaica: Jamaica has over 17,000 km of road network. Speed limits are 48 km/hr in towns and 80 km/hr in highways and traffic drives on the left.

Brazil: Road conditions are moderate and traffic in Brazil drives on the right.

Peru: Traffic drives on the right. However, special care needs to be taken if traveling in the rainy season (December to March) as landslides are common.

Argentina: Traffic drives on the right. Argentina has a good road network, thanks to major privatization carried out to improve the dilapidated road conditions.
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