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Caribbean Tourism Information

The Caribbean, also known as the West Indies, is an archipelago and includes the countries those border the Caribbean Sea or lies on the Caribbean Plate. The countries and the islands those constitute the Caribbean are located to the south and east of Mexico and the north and west of Venezuela. The whole area consists of around 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cayes, organized into 25 territories that include sovereign states, overseas departments, as well as dependencies.

The Caribbean is best known for its beaches, picturesque islands, mountains, and the fun loving people swinging to the rhythm of the samba, making it a favorite tourist destination. Since time unknown the Caribbean has been calling tourists by its seas, islands, people-a place where the land and the seas are in perfect harmony. Tourism forms the major industry in this region.

Other than tourism, the region has some excellent mines, producing some of the rarest gems, Larimar being unique among them.

Larimar is a distinctive gem that is found exclusively in Los Chupaderos, a small inaccessible region situated 10 kilometers southwest of Barahona, in the south-western region of the Dominican Republic. It is a variety of pectolite, an acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium, not a very uncommon mineral in all parts of the world. However, Larimar, or the Atlantis stone demands attention by gemologists because of its brilliant volcanic blue coloration.

The discovery of Larimar, or the dolphin stone, is quite phenomenal. The blue coloration that is rarely found in gems, combined with its occurrence only in a small inaccessible island makes it dearer. Since the discovery of the Larimar, jewelry manufacturers have been prompt in using this wonderful stone to grace their products.

Today, Larimar or the Atlantis stone, or the Dolphin stone is regarded as a treasure to possess even after it is quite known that being a photosensitive material, Larimar loses its color over time.
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