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England Tourism Information

No country will offer a better royal treatment than England. England, renowned as a gentle, fabled country in the past has hugely jumped back as one of the vibrant nations offering splendid nightlife and other facilities to visitors across the world.

Tourism Facts and Figures

Full Name: England

Capital City: London

Area: 129,720 sq. km.

Population: 51,000,000

Time Zone: GMT +0 hrs

Religion: Christianity

Currency: Pound Sterling

Country Dialing Code: 44

Places to Visit

Brighton Royal Pavilion - A trip to southern England will surely be a memorable one with the view of the extremely lavish Brighton Royal Pavilion.

Canterbury Cathedral - The most remarkable cathedral in England, the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Highgate Cemetery - Much-admired for its Egyptian-style architecture, a combined atmosphere of the Victorian and Gothic creates an ambience that is hard to get over.

Richmond Castle - No other castle has such an eventful history as the Richmond Castle.

Roman Baths Museum - Some of the best-preserved Roman bath and temple complexes built around Bath’s natural hot springs.

Shakespeare's Globe - The reconstructed Globe Theatre, which burned down in 1613. Contains some valuable exhibits of the Elizabethan era.

Stonehenge - One of the most famous unsolved mysteries in Wiltshire.

Westminster Abbey - One of the most frequented churches in not only England but also whole of the Christian world. The tombs and the monuments, and the overall serenity give it a different ambience that just cannot be matched.

Yorkshire Dales National Park - The hills, moors, valleys, and the countryside experience will make sure that you fall in love with this place.

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