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Italy Tourism Information

No country has more to offer than Italy. The land of painters, poets, the Romans, combined with the overwhelming virgin landscapes will definitely give you an everlasting feeling.

Tourism Facts and Figures

Full Name: Italy

Capital City: Rome

Area: 301,230 sq. km.

Population: 57,300,000

Time Zone: GMT +1 hrs

Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish

Currency: Euro

Country Dialing Code: 39

Places to Visit

Basilica de San Francesco - This basilica is being extensively rebuilt since a series of earthquakes in 1997 devastated a major part of it. Built on theColle d'Inferno hill, the Basilica de San Francesco saw people being executed at the gallows until the 13th century. The grave of St. Francis also lies here.

Colosseum - Inaugurated by Titus in AD80, the Colosseum was the venue for the legendry Roman circus that lasted for 100 days and nights. Since then this legendary building has been damaged several times by earthquake; however, it has lost none of its prestige and is a thrilling place to explore.

Grand Canal - The 3.5 km Grand Canal forms the central artery of Venice. Take a tour on a gondola and view more than 100 12th to 18th century mansions.

Leaning Tower of Pisa - One of the world’s famous architectural monuments, leaning at the rate of 1 mm per year. Had the tower not leant, Galileo could not have proved the theory of gravity.

Mt. Etna - The largest active volcano in Europe, eruptions occur frequently, forcing visitors to succumb to its mercy. Mt. Etna’s most devastating eruptions occurred in 1669 that lasted for 122 days.

Pompeii - Most of the remains have been massively destroyed by the volcano, however the ruins still have the power to draw 2.3 million visitors annually.

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