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Historical Tourist Places Information

If you are a traveler tired of beaches, skiing, and wildlife adventures, then perhaps a journey across the world through the lands of great civilizations, legendary battles and wars, and great revolutions will definitely lift up your spirits. offers a list of some of the best historical places in terms of the part they have played in defining the world of today. We offer comprehensive tourism and travel opportunities, travel guides, and more on some of the most fascinating historic and cultural places.

When we think of history, Italy is the first name that strikes our minds. A visit to the land of the Romans is not great because of the ruins of the Roman Empire, but Italy also bears testimony to the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, and the Dark Ages. Perhaps there is no country which is still remembered so much for its past glory.

One country that comes into our mind right after Italy is Greece, and there is definitely a reason for that. Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great—the most charismatic leaders of all time make Greece a tourists delight. The remains of ancient Athens, the heritage buildings where Aristotle once taught his students and Plato explained his utopian state are still major destinations across Greece.

Egypt, the land of the pyramids, Pharaoh Ramses, Tutankhamen, and Cleopatra, has attracted tourists from the west, as well as the east since decades. The country was once an international power thousands of years Before Christ, and now possesses enough testimony of the same. The pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza are a must see if you want the real Egypt unveiled.

France has enough to offer any tourist. The lavish buildings built by Louis XIV in Versailles, remains of the Napoleonic Empire, the invention of Guillotine and the remains of the second World War, makes the history of France worth remembering. One place which you just cannot afford to miss is the Palais de Versailles, an emblem of French aristocracy that still makes the French world famous.
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