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Wildlife Tourism Information offers a complete listing of wildlife tour and travel opportunities. We bring forward to you some of the richest locations, offering a unique and spectacular array of flora and fauna.

Visit Kenya if you are looking for a complete and the most satisfying African safari. Kenya, with its vast stretches of forests, and abundance of animals gives travelers a unique wildlife travel experience. The deserts, mountains, grasslands and the coast are home to the zebra, elephant, lion, crocodile, hippopotamus, and the flamingo. A 20 minutes ride around Nairobi National Park is worth mention.

The unusual Malaysian Borneo is much-admired for its jungle and inhabitants offering never ending wildlife travel opportunities. Visit the Sabah Island, home to the orangutan, and see these primates in their natural habitat. The Satang Island is also a favorite tourist spot for wildlife lovers. See sea turtles flocking to the shores to lay eggs, flying lizards, squirrels, crocodiles, macaques, and colorful butterflies in this fascinating island.

A trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is perhaps one of the most fascinating of any wildlife tour. The only natural structure visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is a home to more than 1,500 species of fish, 300 species of coral and over 4,000 kinds of mollusks. Apart from these, turtles, sharks, whales, and dolphins, make this a colorful and varied location indeed.

Take a trip across the Galapagos Islands, an archipelago laying 1000 km west the Ecuadorian coast. Galapagos offer an astonishing range of wildlife and sea animals, making it a widely popular tourist spot for wildlife lovers. Such is the abundance of wildlife that you literally need to be lucky not to find one. Sea lions, penguins, tortoise, turtles—all offer fascinating opportunities for wildlife lovers.
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